About Us

“GTBMES was created to promote the profession of biomedical engineering and to acquaint the student body with ideas, purposes, and objectives of the bioengineering field. Our interests extend from tissue and cellular engineering, to biomaterials and biological interfaces, to biological signal processing and instrumentation, to biomechanics, rheology, and integrative biology.”
– Stephanie Kladakis, President, ’99 – ’00
– Joe Berglund, Vice President, ’99 – ’00


There are 3 levels of involvement in GT BMES: general members, committee members, and executive officers.

General members can attend general body meetings, social events, and our exclusive networking events. If you would like to join our chapter and become a general member, click here. Like our Facebook page for updates about upcoming events.

Committee members in GT BMES help plan and implement events, share ideas about future events, and contact faculty and professionals to partner with BMES. The current GT BMES committees focus on the following areas:

Career Development

Executive officers form a board of student leaders. This includes the BMES president, vice president, committee chairs, treasurer, and secretary. If you are interested in holding office or learning about the duties and expectations of officers, read about them on our officer duties page. Each spring, a new executive board is selected for the following school year.



GT BMES Benefits:

– Hold officer, committee chair, and committee member positions
– GT BMES voting privileges
– Represent Georgia Tech at the National BMES conference and meet biomedical engineering professionals
– Participate in exclusive GT BMES events
– Get a t-shirt to show off your love for BME
– Enjoy free meals at GT BMES events
– Meet students, professors, and recruiters in your field

National BMES Benefits:

– Reduced rates to the Society’s Annual Fall Meeting
– Subscription to the BMES Bulletin
– Reduced rates for BMES custom products
– Access to member-restricted areas of the BMES website


Dues to join the GT BMES organization are $15/yr. This is in addition to the optional national BMES membership ($30/yr).


These are a few more BME oriented organizations on campus to get involved with. The following is a summary of what each organization consists of.

- bmedSAB: Biomedical Engineering Student Advisory Board
– AEMB: Alpha Eta Mu Beta, BMED Honor Society
- BME Ambassadors: Give tours to incoming students and families; Represent us at larger events
– The Pioneer: Monthly newsletter written by undergraduates – focuses on department events and achievements
– BROS: Biomedical Research & Opportunities Society – information on research opportunities and graduate school

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