Officer Duties

Officer Duties

The BMES Chapter of Georgia Tech is organized by student leaders. Here are the leadership roles and their duties. If you are interested in being on the BMES leadership team, the best way to get involved is to join a committee and learn more about the various positions. Interviews occur every spring to choose the student leaders for the following school year.


  • Preside over all general and executive meetings
  • Be responsible for carrying out the purposes of BMES
  • Have the power to appoint Committees and respective Committee Chairs as the needs arise
  • Be an official representative of BMES at meetings of the Student Government Association (SGA)
  • Be the official contact to the national chapter of the BMES
  • File a copy of the amendments to the Constitution with the Office of Student Involvement
  • Update BMES with the Office of Student Involvement after each BMES election

Vice President:

  • Serve as presiding officer in the absence of the President
  • Serve as President if the office is vacated
  • Appoint an official Executive Committee link to the BMED Student Advisory Board
  • Promote BMES to prospective employers


  • Keep a record of all money held, acquired, and disbursed by BMES and report of this record at each BMES meeting
  • Develop a budget for next year’s activities
  • Oversee the progress of the Fundraising Committee


  • Keep the minutes of all BMES general and executive meetings
  • Record attendance at BMES general and executive meetings
  • Send, receive, and answer all outside correspondence addressed to BMES
  • Communicate with the Technique to publicize all BMES events
  • Oversee the progress of the Public Relations, and Webmaster

Public Relations:

  • Be responsible for all publicity for BMES and its events
  • Submit descriptions of BMES events to the Office of Student Involvement for inclusion on the calendar of events
  • Contact students, professors, and departments outside of the Department of Biomedical Engineering to coordinate programs
  • Establish contact with alumni of the Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • Maintain the alumni database in a timely fashion
  • Communicate with the professors within the department to acquire professional contacts
  • Maintain the BMES webpage in timely fashion
  • Update the webpage as new technologies arise
  • Work in conjunction with the Secretary to be responsible for online publications and announcements
  • Head of the Social Committee; organize and plan social events for  the BMES members

Career Development:

  • Be responsible for collecting, organizing, and distributing resumes from BMES members to companies seeking to hire new Bachelors and Masters graduates and summer interns
  • Work with the Vice President to recruit academic speakers and companies to make presentations at BMES meetings
  • Head of the Career Development Committee; organize and plan industry events for BMES members to attend and communicate with biomedical engineering companies


  • To provide and organize volunteering events for BMES members
  • Participate and organize outreach events to connect the BMES to the community
  • To provide a resource for the exposure of students of all ages to the field of biomedical engineering.
  • Be responsible for the promotion of educational outreach programs for K-12 grade levels
  • To serve as a information clearinghouse for Members wishing to arrange for Members’ assistance in area elementary, middle, and high schools
  • To help with programs involving the education of future teachers of math and science in grade levels K-12
  • Head of the Philanthropy Committee; organize and plan philanthropical events for BMES members

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